Saturday, November 1, 2008

Get hair naturally straightened

Wash hair then put a hand full of moose into your hands and spread all over the head then section into 4 like a cross then get a bit out of each section and use a round brush and put under the bit of hair slowly moving towards the bottom at the same time turn the brush inwards, it will flick at the bottom but when you straightenn ill be a lot of inprovemesaightening do the same thing agin sections into 4 like cross then grab bit out of each ection and start from the top of the head and slowly work your way to the bottom of the hair, but BEAWARE that if you hold the straighteners on for to long it will singe the hair, if it is wavy redo that bit and it will be ok. when you have finished just spray a bit of hairspray on all over and there you have it hair that will be straight for atleast 2 days. forgot to say that if you were going to get permanant straighting done it may damage your hair after a few weeks.