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The dating mistakes could destroy a dating relationship. Have your ever noticed what dating errors you just made? Dose the dating mistakes hinder your relationship forward.? And,dose the mistakes like this kind get missed again later on? Dating errors are merely the things that you did not complete very well. To avoid them, you should know what your dating partner consider as a dating mistake.

The open communication is sort of a key point, and generally it is the most common dating mistake which you could make.Just talking about what you need,want, and wish in your dating relationship.This kind of dating mistakes often lead to the misunderstanding and the dating may even finish here.

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Get hair naturally straightened

Wash hair then put a hand full of moose into your hands and spread all over the head then section into 4 like a cross then get a bit out of each section and use a round brush and put under the bit of hair slowly moving towards the bottom at the same time turn the brush inwards, it will flick at the bottom but when you straightenn ill be a lot of inprovemesaightening do the same thing agin sections into 4 like cross then grab bit out of each ection and start from the top of the head and slowly work your way to the bottom of the hair, but BEAWARE that if you hold the straighteners on for to long it will singe the hair, if it is wavy redo that bit and it will be ok. when you have finished just spray a bit of hairspray on all over and there you have it hair that will be straight for atleast 2 days. forgot to say that if you were going to get permanant straighting done it may damage your hair after a few weeks.

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Why Are Dusky Indian Women So Sexy! Why Earthy Complexion Bollywood Babes Look So Hot

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Every second Bollywood heroine is dusky or wheatish. There is something about the dusky/wheatish complexion which makes these lovely Bollywood divas mysterious and hot. There was an era when dark colored complexion in Bollywood, India was relegated to arty, parallel cinema which the likes of Smita Patil graced. Now dusky is definitely in with a bevy of earthy-complexioned or dusky looking actresses like Bipasha Basu, Kajol, Priyanka Chopra, Sameera Reddy, Lara Dutta, Mallaika Arora, Sonali Kulkarni, Raima Sen, Konkona Sen, Tanushree Dutta, Koena Mitra, Nandita Das, Jiah Khan, Geeta Basra and Deepika Padukone. All of these actresses look divinely sexy and beautiful at the same time with their clay complexion inducing the fertile imagination of every man.

To be fair(I don't mean the complexion) every color has its own individuality, sensuality and specialty. But there is something tangy, saucy and mysterious about a dusky complexion. It makes a woman look real, achievable and sensuous without looking unattainable and plastic. A dusky looking actress like Bipasha Basu or Sameera Reddy looks earthly and identifiable rather than ethereal or angelic. They have a certain "I am a woman not an artifact" quality which exudes through their dusky complexion, making them stand out in all fairness (there I go again try to be punny!)

To an extent, dusky complexion has its own strengths, giving a mysterious and sensuous aura to the personality. Bipasha Basu has been crowned the sexiest woman of Asia for 2005 and 2007 while Priyanka Chopra received the title for 2006. This speaks volumes about how these women are comfortable with their skin. For once, we can be assured and pray that these divas do not endorse fairness cream ads!

The Sexiest and Most Popular Women in Comics

When we think of comic book protagonists we usually imagine large, buffed up men with unreal abilities and even flashier names. Everyone from Superman to Ant Man to the Green Lantern have fascinated comic book readers ever since the first issues of their respective series came out. So from there comes the stereotype and widespread opinion that the comic book is definitely a man's world. And they may not be completely unjustified when they say that due to the extremely high concentration of male heroes and superheroes in comic books and graphic novels today.

But does that mean that women, in particular superheroines are left out of the limelight? Definitely not! There are countless of women heroines in comic books today who can kick the butts of their male counterparts and still have enough for seconds. These are a few women who have been making the days of comic fanboys (and girls!) for the past decades:

* Vampirella: Probably the skimpiest dressed vampire in comics, which is quite a feat in itself, Vampirella is a citizen of the planet Drakulon where all the inhabitants are called Vampiri. She found her way to Earth in an effort to save her dying planet but eventually became enlightened to the side of good, eventually fighting crime. She has all the advantages of being a vampire, including superhuman strength and speed, the ability to change her shape and to hypnotize people with her stare.

* Rogue: Like all mutants in the Marvel universe, Rogue is one of those who view her powers with disdain as it literally prevents her from having normal relations with anyone, human or mutant alike. It allows her to absorb the strength, memories and superpowers of those she touches with her bare skin, making it hard for anyone to give her love or tenderness. In spite of this, Rogue remains a fun and daring person with a lot of heart in the face of trials.

* Wonderwoman: One of the most iconic superheroines of all time, it wouldn't be a long shot if you discovered your parents grew up with Wonderwoman around since she has already been in comic existence since the 1940s. This Amazon is seen by many as the female equivalent of Superman, but has grown to be much, much bigger than that.

* The Phoenix: Before the immense and unnatural power and personality of The Phoenix was awakened inside of her, Jean Grey was already a powerful psychic and telepath in the X-Men. But when her powers awakened, she would become one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. This power however would lead her to lose her mind, making her devour entire planets until the X-Men somehow discovered a way to weaken her.

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Groom your own inner beauty

Groom your own inner beauty. You style your hair, file your nails and exercise your derriere to make yourself more beautiful on the outside. Inner beauty requires similar types of care and cultivation. Vow to groom your spirit daily by exhibiting your compassion, awareness, enthusiasm, optimism, grace, charm, intelligence and creativity. And remember, if you don’t honor your own inner beauty, it will be hard for you to honor the inner beauty of those around you.

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Become Good Wife to a Moody and Difficult Husband

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Being a good and virtuous wife is not always an easy task and especially when you have a husband like Archie Bunker; moody and difficult and maybe even appearing to be a male chauvinist many times. Yet, you love him dearly even though he wears on your patience.

Learn to stay calm and maintain your own joy. When your husband is upset, moody and fussy, it is important to realize how important it is to remain calm. A wife has the power to set the atmosphere of the home. Besides, it takes two to argue. If one remains calm, the storm will soon subside.

Understand your husband's needs. Learn to read through the lines. Unfortunately, people don't always know how to communicate their feelings. He may be in need of a little affection. If not, then give him the space he needs to work through his frustrations.

Its easy to get husband attention

Get him comfortable and relaxed. Massage his back. Have the bed turned down and the TV on his favorite show when he gets out of the shower. Tell him how much you appreciate him. I take for my husband for granted sometimes. I don't think I tell him enough how much I love him and how much he is appreciated. I tend to focus on telling him how proud I am of him for being in the military and fighting for our country. But sometimes I don't include the part about being a great father and husband.

How to Make A Husband Happy

When you want to talk to him there are appropriate times and then there are some times that you do not want to approach him. Here are a few times when you do not want to approach him. When he is tired, he will not willing to listen but wants to rest. Another time is when he is watching TV, especially a major sporting event.

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What Dad Can Do

Preterm labor is labor that occurs before the 37th week of pregnancy. (Most pregnancies last 38-42 weeks; your partner's due date is 40 weeks after the first day of her last menstrual period.) Preterm labor can happen to any woman: In nearly half of all cases, we don't know why a woman delivers prematurely. About 12 percent of births (1 in 8) in the United States are preterm. Babies who are born preterm are at higher risk of needing hospitalization, dying, and having long-term health problems than babies born at the right time. Health problems include cerebral palsy, mental retardation, blindness and chronic lung problems.

Now that I'm pregnant can I still have sex

ex in pregnancy is wonderful! You can continue to have sex as far into pregnancy, right up until birth, as you and your partner are comfortable. This includes orgasms. There are a few reasons why you shouldn't have sex during certain periods during pregnancy. These include:

  • Bleeding
  • Preterm Labor
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (you or your partner)

Be sure to talk to your practitioner about specifics for you. When your practitioner says, "No sex." Find out what they mean, do them mean no orgasms? Do they mean no intercourse? If so, for how long? For example, if a woman has a slight bit of bleeding in the first trimester, it's common to be told to avoid intercourse and orgasm for the period of one week from the last episode of bleeding.

Is it safe to eat these things I crave?

Generally speaking yes, as long as they are foodstuffs and not paint or soap! If you are worried about individual items check with your midwife/doctor, particularly if you are only eating whatever you crave, instead of proper meals. A diet of, for example, tuna fish and prune juice is OK for a short time!

Birth Control Side Effects

Very bad mood swings (,depression,anxiety. im very emotional. im just not the same person anymore. i feel insane.

Birth control Pill question about pimples, please answer!?

I started on the pill (Levlen ED) around 3 weeks ago, so I have around 6 of the active pills to go before I complete a cycle or whatever its called. Im just not sure when side effects will start if someone could clear that up it would be great. Also, ive always had quite good skin - the occasional pimple - but last week I had a massive breakout of cystic style pimples on my face and back, which has never happened to me before. I know this is due to the pill, but then this week it seems that my skin has cleared up completely and the under the skin pimples have basically all gone. My question is whether the sudden breakout was just my body reacting to the amount of hormones being put into it, and now its gotten used to it and is going the other way? Or should I expect to have more of the same types of breakouts in the future. I am going to the doctor in a weeks time so im wondering whether i should request to change to a different pill that will help with pimples?

Sounds like the breakout was just a reaction to the pill. That can happen. As to if you'll get any more or not - no way to tell. Some people experience side effects in the first month on the pill then they disappear. Others find they recur every month and they have to change to a different type of pill. I would say if you're otherwise happy with it, stick to it for another month or two and if you have the same problem, or other problems, ask to change.

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Tips for Getting Rid of Body Odor

  • Stay away from refined sugar - it feeds bacteria and will increase your body odor many times over.
  • Go for a jog or sit in a sauna. You’ll be stinking it up at first, but after a while you’ll flush out your pores and notice that your sweat no longer stinks.
  • Anti-perspirants work to reduce odor, but they do so by clogging your pores and locking the odor-causing toxins and bacteria underneath the skin. This can lead to underarm cysts and pimples.
  • If all else fails, spot wash with soap and water.
  • Try and stay cool, sweat is a transmitter of the odor.
  • Apply an absorbent powder such as baby powder to your underarms after bathing.
  • A baking soda+water paste applied to the areas of smelliness can help neutralize existing odor.
  • Alcohol and tobacco are known to contribute to foul body odors - cut back on the day of your big date.
  • Have a tip? Share it with the rest of us at the bottom of the page!

Can anemia be prevented?

Some types can be prevented, such as those caused by diet. You can help prevent this type of anemia by making sure you eat foods that have iron. See the box below for a list of iron-rich foods.

Foods high in iron

  • Liver and other meats
  • Seafood
  • Dried fruits like apricots, prunes and raisins
  • Nuts
  • Beans, especially lima beans
  • Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli
  • Blackstrap molasses
  • Whole grains
  • Iron-fortified breads and cereals (check the label)

What can cause low iron levels?

A number of things can cause you to be low in iron:

Lack of iron in the diet. This is mostly a problem for children and young women. Children who drink a lot of milk and don't eat iron-rich foods and young women who follow "fad" diets may be at risk for iron deficiency.

Growth spurts. Children under age 3 are growing so fast that their bodies may have a hard time keeping up with the amount of iron they need.

Pregnancy. Women who are pregnant or who are breast feeding need 2½ times as much iron as men. That's why pregnant women may be tested for anemia and why they need to eat more iron-rich foods or take a daily iron pill.

Blood loss. This is a common reason for iron deficiency anemia in adults. Heavy periods may cause anemia. Blood loss can also be caused by internal bleeding, usually in the digestive tract. A stomach ulcer, ulcerative colitis, cancer, or taking aspirin or similar medicine for a long time can cause bleeding in your stomach or intestines. That's why it's important to find the reason for a low iron level.

What is anemia?

Anemia occurs when your blood doesn't have enough hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. A common cause of anemia is not having enough iron. (Your body needs iron to make hemoglobin.)

What people are saying about Aviane Oral Birth Control Pill

1. Love it. Ever since being on it my periods have been considerable lighter and shorter, down to about three days with only one day being that severe. Been on it for almost two years now. The only complaints that I have is that it doesn't help with acne as the birth control was on before did but its still manageable. Also, it does seem to make it a little harder to keep the weight off but again it's not that big of a deal.

2. I'm starting my first pack on Sunday fingers crossed, heck everything is crossed as I'm coming off Loestrin which has been a complete bust for me!

3. I had very heavy periods, terrible cramping, and my acne increased and the skin on my face was peeling, and I didnt even change my facewash or anything. I got off aviane, my skin cleared up and the peeling stopped.

Aviane Oral Birth Control Pill Side Effects

Does this medication have side effects?

The following side effects are associated with Aviane Oral:

Common side effects:

Breast TendernessLess Severe
Breast Fullness due to Milk ProductionLess Severe
AcneLess Severe
DizzyLess Severe
Low EnergyLess Severe
Visible Water RetentionLess Severe
Feel Like Throwing UpLess Severe
Throwing UpLess Severe
BloatingLess Severe
Stomach CrampsLess Severe
Feeling WeakLess Severe
Water RetentionLess Severe

Infrequent side effects:

Migraine HeadacheSevere
High Blood PressureSevere
Frequent HeadachesSevere
Yeast Infection of Vagina and VulvaSevere
Abnormal Test Result for the Body's Sugar ToleranceSevere
Sun-Sensitive SkinLess Severe
Hair LossLess Severe
Abnormal Hair Growth on Body or FaceLess Severe
Yellow-Brown Patches on SkinLess Severe
Weight GainLess Severe
Weight LossLess Severe
Altered Interest in Having Sexual IntercourseLess Severe

Rare side effects:

Sudden Blindness and Pain Upon Moving the EyeSevere
Heart AttackSevere
Obstruction of a Blood Vessel by a Blood ClotSevere
Blood ClotSevere
Disease of the GallbladderSevere
Inflammation or Infection of VaginaSevere
Absence of Menstrual PeriodsSevere
Irregular PeriodsSevere
Bleeding Not Related to Menstrual PeriodSevere
Benign Tumor of Liver CellsSevere
Liver CancerSevere
Breast TumorSevere
High Amount of Triglyceride in the BloodSevere
Cervical DischargeLess Severe
Change in AppetiteLess Severe

How Can I Get Relief from painfull periods

There are many over-the-counter drugs or NSAIDs -- (ibuprofen, naproxen, advil) and acetaminophen, or Tylenol that may provide relief. A heating pad works well for cramps when used with OTC pain meds. Some women benefit from exercise; some from rest. There are also prescription drugs to help alleviate this painful disorder. Talk to your health care provider about them. Before you diagnose yourself, see your health care provider to be sure the pain you are having is not associated with another condition like PID, Endometriosis or any other medical conditions

What Are Painful Periods or Dysmenorrhea?

This condition refers to the pain or discomfort associated with menstruation. Although not a serious medical problem, it is usually meant to describe a woman with menstrual symptoms severe enough to keep her from functioning for a day or two each month. Many teens don't suffer from dysmenorrhea, as their uterus is still growing, and yet they may get it several years after their first period begins. Symptoms may begin one to two days before menses, peak on the first day of flow, and subside during that day or over several days.

The pain is typically described as dull, aching, cramping and often radiates to the lower back. The pain from your period that is severe enough to be given this name by your health care provider is thought to be the result of uterine contractions, caused by prostaglandins (a hormone-like substance, normally found in your body). Prostaglandins are known to stimulate uterine contractions. In addition to pain other symptoms may include, headache, diarrhea, constipation, and urinary frequency and fainting.

Remedies For Breast And Nipple Pain

While many women experience breast pain, isolated nipple pain is less common. What you describe sounds like breast pain located on or around the nipple, but could also be actual nipple pain. I can offer some advice on both problems.

Breast pain has many possible causes. Normal hormonal fluctuations related to your menstrual cycle can cause breast tenderness and swelling just before your period (cyclic breast pain). Noncyclic breast pain involves a constant or intermittent pain not associated with the menstrual cycle. It tends to occur in older women and in the postmenopausal years. Some causes include breast trauma, pregnancy, benign breast tumors and breast surgery. Breast pain can be associated with breast cancer but it is less common. Medications such as hormonal medications used in infertility treatments, postmenopausal hormone therapy and oral contraceptives are also associated with breast pain.

Some home remedies for mild breast pain include:

  • Hot or cold compresses.
  • Wearing a supportive bra.
  • Limiting or eliminating caffeine. Although medical studies are inconclusive, many women have noted that reducing caffeine improves their symptoms.
  • Simple pain relievers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen may alleviate breast pain.
  • Some research supports the effectiveness of oil of primrose in combating breast pain. This is a nutritional supplement available over the counter.

Inverted nipples -- nipples that turn inward -- are not problematic if they have always been inverted. The inversion can be congenital or the result of a breast biopsy or surgery performed on the nipple or surrounding skin (areola). Nipple tenderness may be caused by inadequate lubricant secretion by glands of the areola region, or by excessive moisture that can occur during exercise or breast-feeding. Bacterial or fungal infection of the nipple may also cause nipple tenderness. Tenderness may also result from local trauma, skin breakdown or friction over the area.

A malignancy in the nipple area would result in a noticeable, further retraction of the nipple. Other symptoms of concern include eczema with redness and flaking of the nipple skin.

If you've tried the home remedies and your symptoms persist, you should see your physician. If your nipple inversion is new, you should have a clinical breast examination and evaluation by your health care provider

Nuva ring side effects

Unlike some other birth control options, such as oral contraceptives or an intrauterine device, NuvaRing comes with very minimal side effects, most of which are rare or completely benign. This makes the NuvaRing one of the most effective forms of birth control with some of the least repercussions - a perfect combination for anyone looking for an alternative to their current form of birth control.

Although NuvaRing is a hormonal style birth control, similar to “The Pill,” it lacks one major side effect that is present in just about every type of oral contraceptive on the market - weight gain. NuvaRing is completely weight neutral, so you can’t blame any added weight on this contraceptive.

The most common side effect that people experience with the NuvaRing is what is known as a foreign body sensation. This is the feeling as if there is something strange inside of you. While this sensation may be mildly annoying at its worst, it is certainly more benign than infection or inflammation of the heart as is sometimes the case with intrauterine devices. Other common side effects of the NuvaRing include sinusitis, headaches, diarrhea, vaginitis, and an increased possibility of developing a respiratory tract infection. While these side effects are annoying, none are particularly life threatening.

All information and review of Nuva ring


uvaRing® is a different kind of birth control. The comfortable, flexible contraceptive ring that is about two inches in diameter is used to prevent pregnancy. You insert NuvaRing® into your vagina once a month. The muscles in your vaginal wall will keep NuvaRing® in place for three weeks. During that time, it will slowly release a low dose of hormones that are needed to prevent pregnancy.

When 21 days are completed, simply remove NuvaRing® to allow your body to have its menstrual cycle. After a seven-day break, you will insert a new ring to continue to be protected against pregnancy.
How does it work?

NuvaRing® contains two types of hormones, an estrogen and a progestin (just like the Pill), that prevent your ovaries from producing mature eggs. NuvaRing® provides benefits similar to oral contraceptives, but without the daily pill-taking routine.

The hormone release is activated by contact with the vagina. The walls of your vagina absorb the hormones and distribute them into your bloodstream. Because of this method of administration you get 99% effectiveness (when used as directed) with a low dose of hormones.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercise to Tighten Vagina for Better Sex

Kegel exercise is the most effective exercise to tighten the vagina. Kegel exercises help strengthen the muscles that support the urethra, bladder, uterus, and rectum. When properly performed, Kegel exercise can improve mild to moderate urge and stress incontinence. This vagina tightening exercise is completely natural without the need for any surgery and product. However, the drawback is that Kegel exercise has to be practiced on a daily basis and result takes time.

Kegel exercise was originally described by an obstetrician named Dr. Arnold Kegel for the purpose of helping pregnant women improve the involuntary loss of urine under circumstances of sudden increases in their abdominal pressure (i.e. sneezing, coughing, running, or exercising). This type of loss of urinary control is called Urinary Stress Incontinence.

The Kegel exercise is an isometric program designed to strengthen the internal pelvic muscle called the pubococcygeus muscle (the "P.C." muscle). This muscle forms the floor of the pelvis and surrounds the urethra, vagina, and anus, thereby, providing support for all the pelvic organs. It is the muscle used to stop urination, to prevent a bowel movement, or to tighten the vagina during intercourse. Kegel exercises will be best complemented by Gripper Vagina Tightening Formula.

Kegel Vagina Tightening ExercisesGripper Vagina Tightening Formula contains Oak Gall, a natural astringent that contains antiseptic materials and antioxidants which helps smooth the texture of skin and restore suppleness, while tightening the vaginal wall. And the result for tightening of vagina is almost immediate,. Results are much more instant as compared to Kegel exercise.

Kegel exercise takes time and lots of patience! But with Gripper vagina tightening formula, you can restore and tighten your vagina instantly! Gripper vagina tightening formula is 100% natural, safe, and easy to use! Definitely the best complement to Kegel exercise!

Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

When they say that most men think they are dying when they get a kidney stone, it is no lie. I prayed for a quick death during my fist kidney stone attack. Of course God didn't answer. They say comparatively, it is the closest thing to giving birth that a man can experience. I'm not so certain how true that is. I've heard some labor periods last more than twenty hours. Of course pregnancy is a natural occurrence under certain conditions and circumstances. But what causes a kidney stone, and how are they treated?

First it's important to know what are kidneys are for. They separate unneeded waste from our body so that it can become urine My kidney stone attack lasted maybe three hours before I made it to the E.R. Once the painkillers took, I felt no pain at all. I have heard women say that they felt no pain during a pregnancy, but for some reason I imagine those cases are rare.

The majority of kidney stones form when there is too much calcium in our urine. The foods and drinks we consume can help create kidney stones. I was amazed to find out that spinach, apple juice, and even chocolate contain certain minerals, acids or enough calcium to can heighten one's chances of getting a stone. Of course some drinks are good for kidney stone prevention, like ginger ale, but water is the most preferred substance. I was also told the too much sleep, and overall laziness can cause threatening kidney stones. Apparently lacking sufficient movement and exercise a stone may lay dormant long enough to grow large enough to be a threat. This will be a problem when the stone finally tries to pass.

Kidney stones develop in us more often than we might think. Most of them rarely get the chance to develop enough to become a problem. They generally pass through the urine stream before collecting enough mass to block off passages out of the kidneys.

How Do I Get Rid Of Sweating Armpits?

Try using an antiperspirant as opposed to regular deodorant. Moreover, like with shampoo's, it's recommended that you change your deodorant every so often.

Aavon sold something called Active Duty 24 hrs that helped me with the same problem. I also found that items with baking soda help to relieve sweating, even dusting a little baking soda under your armpits while fresh out of the shower (dry first), may help you.


Exclusive video of couple having bath in honeymoon

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What's a 'normal' menstrual cycle and what's not?

The normal menstrual cycle lasts between 21 and 35 days. So, for example, a woman with a 28-day cycle would start a period every four weeks while a woman with a 21-day cycle would start hers every three weeks. When doctors talk about the length of the cycle they include the days of the period.

Most women ovulate around 13-14 days before a period. If a woman has a 28-day cycle, this means ovulation will be right in the middle of a cycle. However, a woman who has a 21-day cycle will ovulate around day seven. This means seven days from the start of a period - she might still be on a period on the day she ovulates.

If your periods are very regular then it is fairly easy to work out when you are likely to be ovulating. If your periods are not regular then it is not so easy. Doctors suggest that you keep dates for a few months. If you sometimes have a period every three weeks and sometimes every five weeks then you could be ovulating any time from day seven to day 21.

If your periods are very irregular you may not be ovulating at all or infrequently. Again keep dates and if you are trying for a baby and have no success after six months, see your doctor.

Bleeding which occurs between periods should also be reported to your doctor. If bleeding happens after you have sex you should get an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can.

Get Rid of Chafing

Make your own lubricant - with this recipe I found on a couple of the running boards. Mix equal parts A & D ointment and Vaseline (1 cup each). Then add vitamin E cream and Aloe Vera cream (1/4 cup each) to improve consistency and smell. (Mixture should be stiff, yet applicable.) It not only protects skin from chafing but can help heal the skin and also is helpful with blister prevention. Low cost and effective. Measurements do not have to be accurate.... this is not baking!

Treatment - The general treatment for chafing is to treat the area by washing with soap and cool to luke warm water. Then apply an antibacterial ointment or antiseptic spray, cover with a bandaid or sterile guaze. This works well, but I prefer A and D ointment. (Yes, the diaper rash ointment!!) It relieves pain and itch, promotes healing, and keeps the area lubricated so you can continue walking without discomfort. After this product was recommended to some fellow walkers it soon became known as "Magic A & D" it works so well


Chafing -

Chafing often occurs on the inner thigh, groin area, armpits, nipples, etc. as a result of sweating, and friction from body parts rubbing together, or friction from clothing. The best treatment for chafing is prevention.

Stay hydrated - Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Among other things, staying well hydrated will help prevent chafing by allowing you to perspire freely. When you stop perspiring your sweat will form salt crystals on your body increasing friction.

Clothing - Select snug fitting (but not tight) clothing. Shorts or jog bras that are too tight or too loose will create friction and rubbing.

Choose breathable, wicking fabrics .... Coolmax, Supplex, Polypro, etc are good choices. No cotton!

Clothing should have few seams, flat seams, and small flat stitching.

Do not wear untested clothing on a long walk and never wear unwashed new clothing.

Stay Dry - Use talcum powder or cornstarch to stay dry. (Gold Bond is highly recommended and can be found in most drug stores. Two Toms Blister shield is another good option.)

Lubricant - When you increase your mileage all other efforts may fail. It is time for real preventative. There are a variety of lubricants on the market. They are readily available at most running stores. Many people use petroleum jelly because it is inexpensive and easy to find. I don't really like the consistency, and find it doesn't stay on as well as many of the sports/running products. The Runners Lube that I use comes in a stick, goes on smoothly, stays on well, and a stick last forever.

Men Think Of Sex When They See A Woman For The First Time

According to a new study conducted in U.S. the high sexual rating is closely tied to physical attractiveness. The study explains that men are more //likely to think of sex when they meet a woman even it’s for the first time. The study appears in the June's issue of ‘Psychology of women Quarterly’.

According to an online edition of a health magazine Maurice Levesque who had worked on the study while at the University of Connecticut and now works with the psychology department of North Carolina's Elon University and other researchers studied 43 men and 43 women and found that when a man and woman meet for the first time, men may be more likely to think about sex or to say the least more likely to admit it.

The participants were first asked to complete some surveys that were designed to gauge the masculinity and femininity about themselves. The researchers then paired men and women who didn't know each other. Each pair were asked to sit at a table for two and chatted for five minutes. The only advice the pairs were given was to break the ice by introducing themselves and to talk about positive and negative collage experiences.

At the end of 5 minutes the pairs were asked to fill the surveys about their partners and the conversations they had before leaving. The researchers found that men had rated their female partners as more sexual especially if they found that she was physically attractive too than the women who rated their male partners.

The researchers said that it was not quite clear as to whether men paid an extra amount of attention to women's sexual traits, or did women suppress their ratings of men's sexual traits, but that it has bought up a good question for future studies.

Your sex life and depression

Feelings of sadness, hopelessness and helplessness are typical features of depression. These feelings can have a great effect on people’s everyday lives. Tiredness, reduced self-confidence, and loss of sex drive are also common.

If you’re depressed and have lost interest in sex, don’t worry – you are not alone. Surveys show that about two out of three people who suffer from depression lose interest in sex. It’s important to understand that this lack of interest is as much a symptom of depression as feeling low. Both probably result from imbalances in brain chemistry. Reduced sexual activity may also be accompanied by weight loss, reduced energy and disturbed sleep.

Heart attack during sex?

The fear of a heart attack during sex is real for men who have previously suffered a heart attack. Even healthy men may be concerned about this risk. How real should this fear be?

The real risks are as follows:

* The risk of a heart attack in any given hour for a 45-year-old man at low risk of heart disease (e.g. without diabetes, previous angina or elevated cholesterol levels) is one in one million.
* If he has been sexually active in the previous two hours, his risk of heart attack becomes two in one million.
* Following that two-hour time period, the risk returns to one in one million.
* If a 45-year-old man has high risk factors for heart disease (for example, has already had a heart attack, elevated cholesterol levels, hypertension, diabetes, or a previous stroke), his risk is still only about 10 in one million in any one hour.
* The risk will then increase to 20 in one million for two hours after a sexual encounter.

What happens in therapy?

First of all, you can expect to be talking explicitly and in detail about sex. One cannot solve sexual problems by talking around them. Neither can one gain new sexual information unless clear instruction is given.

Second, you might expect to be offered the opportunity to add to your knowledge by reading selected books and/or viewing clinical films designed specifically for use in sex therapy. You should not, however, do anything, which you do not understand, and you must reserve, for yourself the right to question the purpose of an assignment. It is your right to decline or postpone acting in the suggestions of your therapist, rather than allowing yourself to be pushed into behaviour, which might actually increase your discomfort.

Every assignment, task, or experience presented by the therapist should fit into an understandable and acceptable treatment plan – and you have the right to question the procedures.

Third, you should expect sex therapist to be non-judgemental and to portray their own comfort in giving and receiving sexual information. While you might expect to be challenged and confronted on important issues, you should also expect to experience a respectful attitude toward those . . .

Fourth, unless your therapist is a licensed HCP wishing to conduct a physical examination, you should not expect to be asked to disrobe in the presence of your therapist. Sexual contact between client and therapist is considered unethical and is destructive to be therapeutic relationship. Neither should you expect to be required to perform sexually with your partner in the presence of your therapist.

Overt sexual activities just should not occur in your therapist’s presence, even though the talk, material and the assignments must, by the nature of the problem, be specially sexual and at times blunt and explicit.

Finally, you should feel that you are heard and adequately represented in your sexual therapy. That is, you should not feel that you have been stereotyped as “female” as “gay” as “too old” or in any other way that interferes with your sense of uniqueness within the therapeutic setting.

You should feel that you are being treated as an individual, not as a category!

Sex therapy is by its nature a very sensitive treatment modality and by necessity must include respect for the client’s values. It must be non-sexist, with recognition of the equal rights of man and woman to full expression and enjoyment of healthy sexual relationships.

Is sex the real problem?

When there is basic dissatisfaction within a couple’s relationship, cCommon problems include:

* Drifting apart and losing touch
* Feeling taken for granted or neglected
* Frequent arguments, nagging
* Problems such as money worries, family conflict, work-related stress
* Affairs

Problems like these need working through, since only when you feel better about your relationship is there a chance of your sex life improving. Try talking with your partner about how to make things better. Counselling can be very helpful if your problems seem to daunting to tackle alone.

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1200 people Photoshoot

This is the most shocking video i have ever seen.

Oral treatments to control blood sugar
In Type 1 diabetes, the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin are progressively attacked, stopping the production of insulin.

Insulin replacement treatment is therefore needed for life, because we cannot make the beta cells in the pancreas work again to produce insulin.

Insulin can't be taken in tablet form, because it is broken down in the digestive system. This destroys its effect. Insulin is usually given by injection, but an inhaled insulin is now also available.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is different because the pancreas still produces insulin. Instead, problems are caused because:

o insulin is produced inefficiently in response to surges of blood sugar, eg following a meal

o the insulin produced gets less effective at controlling blood sugar, because the cells in the body become increasingly resistant to it.

Treatment for Type 2 diabetes involves either improving insulin release in response to meals, or reducing the resistance of the body cells to the effect of insulin.

Diet and exercise are the first treatment used to improve insulin resistance in Type 2 diabetes.

If blood sugar is not adequately controlled after at least three months of healthy eating and increasing exercise, oral medicines are used.

How do you ask someone out?

You could start off by simply smiling, making eye contact and saying hello. If they notice you, you could then think about taking things further. Look for clues about their interests, as these can be a good starting point for conversations. If they seem happy to chat, you could then introduce yourself and eventually work up to meeting for lunch, a coffee, or a trip the cinema etc.

Even though it can be nerve-racking asking somebody out, don't try too hard to make an impression. The most important thing really is to be relaxed and be yourself: that way they will know your interest is genuine. Even if the person concerned doesn't seem interested, at least you will know you tried.

My penis is curved. Is that normal?

It is quite normal for a man's penis to curve or lean slightly to the right or the left when erect. Many men's penises will curve upwards too. If the penis suddenly develops a lump which causes it to bend abnormally however, this should probably be checked by a doctor. It may be a sign of a condition called Peyronie's disease, which isn't life threatening, but may be uncomfortable and require treatment. You can find a diagram of the male sex organs on AVERT's website.

Lack of s e x drive in women,0.jpg

Lack of sex drive (lack of libido) is common in women, but quite rare in men. The American Medical Association has estimated that several million US women suffer from what doctors there call 'female sexual arousal disorder' (FSAD).

However, there seems to be an FSAD bandwagon, driven by doctors who think that nearly half the female population (43 per cent) lack sex drive. Such a high number really doesn’t seem likely.

In the UK, family planning clinics and Relate clinics see quite large numbers of women who complain of low libido. Our estimate is that at any one time, several hundred thousand women in Britain are troubled by lack of sex drive.

Many of these women have no problems with having orgasms. Rather, they have no real desire to have sex and their minds are not turned on by the prospect of love-making.

Fortunately, for many women lack of libido is only temporary. Some will get over it by themselves, and a lot more can be helped by expert medical or psychosexual advice.

Benefits of Tomatoes

Lycopene act as Antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals that can damage cells in the body.

Prevents/Heals Certain Types of Cancer.
Cancers such as prostate cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, and cancers of the stomach, mouth, pharynx, and esophagus have all been proven to be staved off by high levels of Lycopene.

* Good for Coronary Heart Health
* Reduces high blood pressure (Hypertension)
* Prevents Diarrhea
* Soothes Eye Irritation
* Cleanses and revitalizes the skin
* Heals Sunburn
* Heals Wounds and Sores
* Supports Liver Health
* Tomato is a nervine tonic. It is very useful in all sorts of nervous disorders.
* As it is a rich source of vitamin C, it is very valuable in scurvy.
* Tomatoes are usually effective in heartburn, flatulence or indigestion.
* Half-ripe tomatoes are usually given in dyspepsia.

Natural Cures for Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are the cramping in the lower abdomen, back, or thighs. You may also have headaches, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, dizziness, or fainting. This happens usually in the first or second day of the menstrual cycle. These are caused contractions of the uterus as it expels its unneeded contents, and also by the passage of clotted blood through the cervix.

Menstrual Cramps are also known as Dysmenorrhea, Menorrhagia, Amenorrhea, or Heavy menstrual bleeding. This disorder is traceable to a debilitated and toxic condition of the system in general and of the sex organs in particular due to a wrong diet, wrong style of living and nervous exhaustion.

Natural Cures for Vaginismus

Vaginismus is a painful or impossible feeling for a women who has an earlier traumatic experience of having sex, guilt, painful childbirth or any penetration such as insertion of tampons, and the penetration involved in gynecological examinations. The reflex causes the muscles in the vagina to tense suddenly, leg's may straighten and come together to prevent entry.

The Natural Cures for low sperm counts: MENS

1. Have sex & masturbate less often - the more times you ejaculate, the less dense your semen will be. Maintain a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations.

2. Stop smoking, stop consuming Alcohol etc. - Alcohol affects your liver function, which, in turn, causes a dramatic rise in estrogen levels. Even two drinks a day will have long-term effects on sperm productions.

3. Avoid Heating of the testicles to provide an ambient climate for the testicles.You can wear cotton boxer shorts, Avoid hot baths and saunas.

4. Loose weight, and exercise more often.

5. Have a healthy diet containing whole grains and vegetables rich in proteins and vitamins. Avoid bitter, spicy and acidic foods. Quit eating refined foods like sugar, white flour, reduce caffeine intake (coffee, soft drinks, etc)and finally stop eating processed food

6. Reduce stress levels by learning relaxation techniques - Keep your mind and body healthy by regular practice of YOGA and MEDITATION.

7. Drink more water at least 7 glass of water everyday to avoid dehydration. Our body needs water to work (75% body content is water).

how to prevent breast sagging?

Sagging is the slackening of the supporting muscles around the breast. Drooping of breasts is a natural, inevitable process that happens to all women at some point - except those with fairly small breasts.

So you have determined your breasts are awfully saggy. Short of breast lift surgery, there is unfortunately not much you can do about it. And even surgery results are not permanent since the skin and ligaments will stretch again eventually.

The best way to improve from breast sagging is a balanced diet, inclusion of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, calcium, salts and minerals in sufficient quantities are essential.
Drink Soya, Milk, eat those fruits rich in vitamin C such as watermelon and kiwi.

Here is a Homemade recipe for firming of Breast (depend on individual condition)

1. To firm breasts and tighten the skin, mix one teaspoon of vitamin E oil with one tablespoon of yogurt and an egg.

2. Massage this mixture into breasts and wear an old bra over the mixture for at least twenty minutes.

3. Rinse off with warm water.

Breast Enhancement Exercise

Breast enhancement exercises are perhaps the cheapest and most natural method for promoting breast growth although they require a dedicated approach to make them work.The most popular breast enhancement exercise is a push-up. Here’s the right way to do push-ups

Another exercise, would be swimming. Swimming is a superb exercise for bust shape. It exercises the breast muscles considerably against the resistance of the water and this really can do wonders to your shape.

Increase Breast Size Naturally

Big or small, does it really matter?

Everyday, more and more women ask themselves if they should get bigger breast sizes either by breast implants or simply taking some chemicals so they can keep their men happy, or attract other men. Does a woman with larger breasts actually attract a man more than a woman with small breasts does?

Well that depends on you on how you want to judge it. Some women like it small, some like it big, they all have their own reason. Naturally breast size grows according to your genetics (e.g look around your family traits), Hormones will also play in the role, and last but not least, depends on what you eat.

Unexpected Effects of Pregnancy

Bra Size

An increase in breast size is one of the first signs of pregnancy. Breasts usually become swollen and enlarged in the first trimester because of increased levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. That growth in the first trimester isn't necessarily the end, either — your breasts can continue to grow throughout your pregnancy!

In addition to the size of your breasts, your bra size may be affected by your rib cage. When you're pregnant, your lung capacity increases so you can take in extra oxygen for yourself and the baby, which may result in a bigger chest size. You may need to replace your bras several times over the course of your pregnancy.

How should I hold my baby while breastfeeding?

You can hold your baby in a number of ways. Your baby shouldn't have to turn his or her head or strain his or her neck to nurse.

Cradle position
In the cradle position, you put your baby's head in the crook of your arm. Support your baby's back and bottom with your arm and hand. Your baby will be lying sideways facing you. Your breast should be right in front of your baby's face.

Football position
The football position consists of tucking your baby under your arm like a football with his or her head resting on your hand. Support your baby's body with your forearm. This may be a good position if you're recovering from a cesarean section or if your baby is very small.

Lie on your side
You can also lie on your side with your baby facing you. You can use pillows to prop up your head and shoulders. This is also a good position if you're recovering from a cesarean section or an episiotomy.

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding has many benefits for your baby. Breast milk is rich in nutrients. It helps protect your baby against infections. It also helps prevent your baby from having allergies.

Breastfeeding also has benefits for you. It's clean and simple--you don't have to wash bottles or mix formula. It's cheaper than using formula. It helps your uterus contract back to normal size after having been stretched during pregnancy. It delays the return of your periods (though you shouldn't count on it to prevent pregnancy). And it helps make time for you to be close to your baby.

What about an IUD?

"IUD" stands for "intrauterine device." An IUD is put in a woman's uterus by her doctor. It's made of flexible plastic. It isn't known exactly how IUDs prevent pregnancy. They seem to stop sperm from reaching the egg or prevent the egg from attaching to the uterus.

Some IUDs used in the past were related to serious health problems. Today IUDs are safer, but they still have some risks. Most doctors prefer to use IUDs only in women who have already had a baby. Side effects of IUDs include heavier bleeding and stronger cramps during periods.

Breast Milk or Social Interaction?

Whether the boost in IQ is due to the breast milk itself — such as healthy fatty acids or other substances — or the physical and social interaction that is part and parcel of breastfeeding is unknown, Kramer and others say.

"A mother who breastfeeds is likely to spend more time with her child," he says, as well as read to them later and do other activities. "The amount of time, the closeness, the way she interacts with the kids, undoubtedly differs between breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding mothers."

The bulk of studies on the topic, he adds, have shown a positive link. One notable exception: a study published in 2006 in the British Medical Journal concluded that breastfeeding has "little or no effect on intelligence in children." The study involved more than 5,400 children.

Breastfeeding and IQ: Studying the Data

A host of studies have looked at breastfeeding and IQ. "Most of the studies have found an association between breastfeeding and higher IQ," Kramer tells WebMD. But most have been what scientists call observational studies, with children whose mothers chose to breastfeed compared with those children whose mothers chose not to.

Kramer and others say these studies may be affected by differences in the way moms who breastfeed interact with their children and those who don't.

Kramer and his colleagues looked at almost 14,000 children in Belarus who visited 31 hospitals and clinics there. The participants are part of the large-scale study known as the Promotion of Breastfeeding Intervention Trial (PROBIT). The researchers assigned half to an intervention that encouraged them to breastfeed exclusively long term or to another group that got the usual maternity care and child care.

This approach is considered more feasible and ethical than assigning mothers to breastfeed or bottle-feed.

"Those who got the breastfeeding intervention breastfed longer and more exclusively," Kramer says. The number of mothers still breastfeeding exclusively at three months was seven times higher in the intervention group of mothers — 43% compared to 6% of those who didn't get the intervention.

What is the vaginal contraceptive ring?

The vaginal contraceptive ring (brand name: NuvaRing) is a thin, flexible ring that is inserted into the vagina. It releases hormones that keep you from getting pregnant. These hormones are the same ones used in most birth control pills. The ring is left in the vagina for 3 weeks. It doesn't have to be in a specific position in the vagina. You remove the ring after 3 weeks and your period will start. After 7 days, you insert a new ring.

If the ring is out of your vagina for more than 3 hours, it may not work effectively when you put it back in. To protect against pregnancy, you will need to use another form of birth control until the ring has been in all the time for 7 days in a row.

Women who use the vaginal ring should not smoke.

Are condoms a good choice?

Yes. Condoms aren't expensive and are widely available. Condoms are an especially good choice if you or your partner are also having sex with other people or if either of you has had sex with other people in the past.

Condoms offer the most protection against STIs of all the barrier method options. Using a spermicide with condoms can offer better protection against pregnancy, but it does not increase your protection against STIs . Spermicides containing nonoxynol-9 can cause genital irritation and can actually increase your risk of catching an STI.

Female condoms aren't as effective as male condoms, but they may be a good choice if a man won't use a male condom.

Is saying "no" to sex really an option?

No method of birth control is 100% effective. The risk of getting pregnant or catching an STI may outweigh the pleasure you get from sex. The only way to make absolutely sure you don't get pregnant, get someone pregnant or get an STI is not to have sex at all.

Depression Signs and Symptoms

Adults: You may be said to be suffering from a major depressive episode if you have a depressed mood for at least two weeks and have at least five of the following symptoms:

* Feeling sad or blue

* Crying spells

* Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities

* Significant increase or decrease in appetite

* Significant weight loss or weight gain

* Inability to sleep or excessive sleeping

* Agitation or irritability

* Fatigue or loss of energy

* Feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt

* Thoughts of death or suicide

How do I know if I have a problem?

Up to 70% of couples have a problem with sex at some time in their relationship. Most women will have sex that doesn't feel good at some point in her life. This doesn't necessarily mean you have a sexual problem.

If you don't want to have sex or it never feels good, you might have a sexual problem. Discuss your concerns with your doctor. Remember that anything you tell your doctor is private and that your doctor can help you find a reason and possible treatment for your sexual dysfunction.

What causes sexual dysfunction?

Many things can cause problems in your sex life. Certain medicines (such as oral contraceptives and chemotherapy drugs), diseases (such as diabetes or high blood pressure), excessive alcohol use or vaginal infections can cause sexual problems. Depression, relationship problems or abuse (current or past abuse) can also cause sexual dysfunction.

You may have less sexual desire during pregnancy, right after childbirth or when you are breastfeeding. After menopause many women feel less sexual desire, have vaginal dryness or have pain during sex due to a decrease in estrogen (a hormone in the body).

The stresses of everyday life can also affect your ability to have sex. Being tired from a busy job or caring for young children may affect your sexual desire. You may also be bored by a long-standing sexual routine.

What is sexual dysfunction?

* Desire disorders ­- When you are not interested in having sex or have less desire for sex than you used to.
* Arousal disorders ­- When you don't feel a sexual response in your body or you cannot stay sexually aroused.
* Orgasmic disorders ­- When you can't have an orgasm or you have pain during orgasm.
* Sexual pain disorders ­- When you have pain during or after sex.