Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Sexiest and Most Popular Women in Comics

When we think of comic book protagonists we usually imagine large, buffed up men with unreal abilities and even flashier names. Everyone from Superman to Ant Man to the Green Lantern have fascinated comic book readers ever since the first issues of their respective series came out. So from there comes the stereotype and widespread opinion that the comic book is definitely a man's world. And they may not be completely unjustified when they say that due to the extremely high concentration of male heroes and superheroes in comic books and graphic novels today.

But does that mean that women, in particular superheroines are left out of the limelight? Definitely not! There are countless of women heroines in comic books today who can kick the butts of their male counterparts and still have enough for seconds. These are a few women who have been making the days of comic fanboys (and girls!) for the past decades:

* Vampirella: Probably the skimpiest dressed vampire in comics, which is quite a feat in itself, Vampirella is a citizen of the planet Drakulon where all the inhabitants are called Vampiri. She found her way to Earth in an effort to save her dying planet but eventually became enlightened to the side of good, eventually fighting crime. She has all the advantages of being a vampire, including superhuman strength and speed, the ability to change her shape and to hypnotize people with her stare.

* Rogue: Like all mutants in the Marvel universe, Rogue is one of those who view her powers with disdain as it literally prevents her from having normal relations with anyone, human or mutant alike. It allows her to absorb the strength, memories and superpowers of those she touches with her bare skin, making it hard for anyone to give her love or tenderness. In spite of this, Rogue remains a fun and daring person with a lot of heart in the face of trials.

* Wonderwoman: One of the most iconic superheroines of all time, it wouldn't be a long shot if you discovered your parents grew up with Wonderwoman around since she has already been in comic existence since the 1940s. This Amazon is seen by many as the female equivalent of Superman, but has grown to be much, much bigger than that.

* The Phoenix: Before the immense and unnatural power and personality of The Phoenix was awakened inside of her, Jean Grey was already a powerful psychic and telepath in the X-Men. But when her powers awakened, she would become one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. This power however would lead her to lose her mind, making her devour entire planets until the X-Men somehow discovered a way to weaken her.

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