Saturday, May 10, 2008

Birth control Pill question about pimples, please answer!?

I started on the pill (Levlen ED) around 3 weeks ago, so I have around 6 of the active pills to go before I complete a cycle or whatever its called. Im just not sure when side effects will start if someone could clear that up it would be great. Also, ive always had quite good skin - the occasional pimple - but last week I had a massive breakout of cystic style pimples on my face and back, which has never happened to me before. I know this is due to the pill, but then this week it seems that my skin has cleared up completely and the under the skin pimples have basically all gone. My question is whether the sudden breakout was just my body reacting to the amount of hormones being put into it, and now its gotten used to it and is going the other way? Or should I expect to have more of the same types of breakouts in the future. I am going to the doctor in a weeks time so im wondering whether i should request to change to a different pill that will help with pimples?

Sounds like the breakout was just a reaction to the pill. That can happen. As to if you'll get any more or not - no way to tell. Some people experience side effects in the first month on the pill then they disappear. Others find they recur every month and they have to change to a different type of pill. I would say if you're otherwise happy with it, stick to it for another month or two and if you have the same problem, or other problems, ask to change.

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