Friday, May 9, 2008

Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

When they say that most men think they are dying when they get a kidney stone, it is no lie. I prayed for a quick death during my fist kidney stone attack. Of course God didn't answer. They say comparatively, it is the closest thing to giving birth that a man can experience. I'm not so certain how true that is. I've heard some labor periods last more than twenty hours. Of course pregnancy is a natural occurrence under certain conditions and circumstances. But what causes a kidney stone, and how are they treated?

First it's important to know what are kidneys are for. They separate unneeded waste from our body so that it can become urine My kidney stone attack lasted maybe three hours before I made it to the E.R. Once the painkillers took, I felt no pain at all. I have heard women say that they felt no pain during a pregnancy, but for some reason I imagine those cases are rare.

The majority of kidney stones form when there is too much calcium in our urine. The foods and drinks we consume can help create kidney stones. I was amazed to find out that spinach, apple juice, and even chocolate contain certain minerals, acids or enough calcium to can heighten one's chances of getting a stone. Of course some drinks are good for kidney stone prevention, like ginger ale, but water is the most preferred substance. I was also told the too much sleep, and overall laziness can cause threatening kidney stones. Apparently lacking sufficient movement and exercise a stone may lay dormant long enough to grow large enough to be a threat. This will be a problem when the stone finally tries to pass.

Kidney stones develop in us more often than we might think. Most of them rarely get the chance to develop enough to become a problem. They generally pass through the urine stream before collecting enough mass to block off passages out of the kidneys.

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