Thursday, May 8, 2008

Heart attack during sex?

The fear of a heart attack during sex is real for men who have previously suffered a heart attack. Even healthy men may be concerned about this risk. How real should this fear be?

The real risks are as follows:

* The risk of a heart attack in any given hour for a 45-year-old man at low risk of heart disease (e.g. without diabetes, previous angina or elevated cholesterol levels) is one in one million.
* If he has been sexually active in the previous two hours, his risk of heart attack becomes two in one million.
* Following that two-hour time period, the risk returns to one in one million.
* If a 45-year-old man has high risk factors for heart disease (for example, has already had a heart attack, elevated cholesterol levels, hypertension, diabetes, or a previous stroke), his risk is still only about 10 in one million in any one hour.
* The risk will then increase to 20 in one million for two hours after a sexual encounter.

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