Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Natural Cures for Vaginismus

Vaginismus is a painful or impossible feeling for a women who has an earlier traumatic experience of having sex, guilt, painful childbirth or any penetration such as insertion of tampons, and the penetration involved in gynecological examinations. The reflex causes the muscles in the vagina to tense suddenly, leg's may straighten and come together to prevent entry.

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Maypaki said...

Primary Vaginismus.
If you have it, then your body is NOT designed for sex.

It is God's way of telling a woman that she is DESTINED to become a nun or celibate.
So if you have it, go on and BECOME A NUN.
That's because it is God's way of controlling the global population. God created women with such sexual dysfunction to keep them away from sex and thus preventing conception. Unfortunately, most women don't realize it and would still go through days and weeks of therapy which is just time consuming.

Trying to remedy your condition is against God's will.
God does NOT want you to have sex.
If you're a woman, don't get married & don't have sex if your VAGINA wont let you.
God had CLOSED the gates of your virginity.
It is time to give up on men and become a NUN.

VAGINISMUS may be the answer to overpopulation.
God truly works in strange ways.